Please check over your custom order form carefully to ensure that all of the details are correct (including the items you'd like; sizes, widths and loop sizes for browbands; leather and stitching colors; hardware options; embroidery text/copy, font, format, placement and thread color). If you find any mistakes or any options you’d like to change, please let me know within 24 hours of placing your order at If you do not contact me with any changes, please be aware that by confirming the details of your custom order at checkout and/or paying for your order you have acknowledged that all of the options and sizes listed on the front of this page are correct.  Again, CUSTOM, SPECIAL ORDER, AND/OR EMBROIDERED ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED, EXCHANGED, OR RESIZED ONCE COMPLETED. Please choose your options carefully and always measure using a flexible measuring tape!


Please note that I do not start embroidered, custom or special orders until you have provided 1) payment in full, and 2) ALL of your ribbon, leather, stitching and hardware choices, along with ALL sizing information for ALL of the items in your order.  Delays in providing these details for any of your items will result in a delayed ship date for ALL of the items in your order.


BELTS, DOG COLLARS & BROWBANDS: Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks’ sizing is unique and will not match other brands’ sizing.  When noting the size(s) of your new Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks items at the time you place your order please DO NOT go by the numbers marked in your jeans or breeches, or on other makers’ dog collars or browbands.  If you do, it is likely your new Boy-O-Boy custom items will not fit when they arrive.

If you’re in doubt about any of the sizes you requested in your order, please double-check using a flexible measuring tape and the Boy-O-Boy Sizing & Measuring Guide, and contact me within 24 hours.

BROWBAND LOOP SIZING:  Although I make my standard browband loops to fit English bridles with traditional, 1”-wide crown pieces, I can also make custom and special-order browbands with larger loops to fit modern anatomical or padded bridles.  To determine the correct loop size, measure straight across your bridle’s crown piece at the point where loop sits, using a flexible measuring tape and the Boy-O-Boy measuring guide. Remember, custom, embroidered and special-order items cannot be returned, exchanged or resized once completed so please ensure the details and measurements of your custom browband's loops are correct at the the time you place your order.

Please note that if you do not specify a loop size on your custom order form, your new, custom broadband will arrive with Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks’ standard 1” loops.


JANUARY to OCTOBER: Orders ship within 3 to 4 weeks from the time I receive the following from you: 1) payment in full, and 2) complete details, options and sizes for ALL of the items in your order.  Please note that items involving embroidery typically take closer to 4 weeks to ship.

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER: The lead-up to the holiday season is my busiest time of year so lead times are longer -- typically 4 to 6 weeks, total.  The annual cutoff for placing orders that are guaranteed to ship in time for the holidays is the first Friday in November.  If you place custom orders after that time, I will absolutely do my best to fill them in time to ship in time, but I cannot guarantee they'll arrive in time for the holidays.


Orders ship from Middleburg, VA, USA via United States Postal Service Priority Mail, Priority Express or Priority International.


CUSTOM ITEMS: Custom, special order and/or embroidered items CANNOT be returned, exchanged or resized once completed.

If you believe your custom order has been filled incorrectly, please contact me and return the items in question to the address below within 15 calendar days of receipt.  I make every effort to fill every order correctly, but if it turns out I’ve made a mistake I will make it right as quickly as possible with minimal trouble and expense for you.  Please note, if you do not contact me and return the items in question within 15 days of receipt,  ALL SALES ARE CONSIDERED FINAL.

STOCK/READY-TO-SHIP ITEMS: While custom, special order and embroidered items cannot be returned, exchanged or resized once completed, ready-to-ship items in stock colors may be exchanged for items of equal value, provided you return them in new, unused and unworn condition with all labels and packaging materials intact within 15 calendar days of receipt.  After this time,  ALL SALES ARE CONSIDERED FINAL.

If you choose to return a stock/ready-to-ship item, please be aware that unless your order was filled incorrectly you will be liable for postage both for the return and for shipping out the replacement.  As with Boy-O-Boy custom orders, to avoid disappointment, delay, and additional expense when your stock/ready-to-ship item arrives, please measure carefully, using a flexible measuring tape and the Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks measuring guide. 


The ribbonwork sections of all Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks items are pretreated for stains, so most of the time a quick wipe with a clean, damp cloth will be enough to remove any dust and keep your browband, belt, collar or keychain looking great for years to come.  Velvet browbands do well with a periodic once-over with your barn’s grooming vacuum to help remove any dust and dander without crushing the nap.

If one of your Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks items gets wet, allow it to dry thoroughly (preferably in sunlight) before gently brushing off any mud spatter. If necessary, you can clean and condition the leather sections (ONLY) with saddle soap and harness oil, as you would with any fine tack.  To avoid permanent damage, do not use leather cleaners, conditioners or oil on the ribbon sections of your Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks items.


Very sorry, but time constraints and our efforts to minimize waste make it impossible to make samples of your color choices and/or weave patterns before you place or finalize your order.


When you put your new TRADITIONAL FINISH BROWBAND on your bridle, the ribbon tassels should point down and the tassel that contains the bright green Boy-O-Boy logo ribbons should go on the left side of your horse’s head.  Similarly, when you attach your new POLO FINISH BROWBAND to your bridle, the bright green diamond should go on the left side of your horse’s face.


It is NOT possible to order any Boy-O-Boy items without the  green logo tags — or to remove them once your item is completed.  I work very hard to make every single item myself, by hand.  The green tags are not only integral to the small brand I’m trying to grow and the design of all the items I make, they’re in effect my signature.

— Amanda Smith Hood

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks

PO Box 725

Middleburg, VA 20118