WARRENTON Ready-to Ship Tone-on-Tone Dog Leash

$ 120.00

About this product

Get a grip on your dog in timeless style with the Boy-O-Boy Warrenton leash. Our leashes are made of the same high-quality bridle leather as our browbands and belts, with tone-on-tone shades of satin and grosgrain ribbon. Coordinate your choice with a Warrenton collar for your dog and belt for you and you’ll be the best-dressed pack at the park, the barn or the horse show!

A matching collar completes your buddy's new look!

The Details

* 1" wide, 48" long
* Sturdy brass hardware won't chip or discolor
* Top quality American bridle leather billets in Havana (dark brown) with white stitching
* Made of sturdy, vibrant poly grosgrain and satin ribbon handwoven around mildew- and rot-resistant polyester webbing with a tensile strength of more than 2,000 lbs.
* Sturdy brass fittings won't chip or discolor
* Matching hardware O-ring on the loop handle provides a convenient place to clip your dog waste bag dispenser
* Colorfast and pretreated for stains
* Won’t stretch, fade in sunlight or run when wet


Available with Havana leather and white stitching in the following grosgrain and satin ribbon  combinations:


Wipe with a clean, damp sponge periodically to keep your Boy-O-Boy collar or leash looking its best for years to come. If it gets wet, allow your leash to dry thoroughly—preferably in sunlight—before gently brushing off any mud spatter. If necessary, clean and condition the leather sections (only) with saddle soap and harness oil, as you would any fine tack. To avoid permanent damage to your collar, please DO NOT use leather cleaners, conditioners, or oil on the ribbon sections.

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