How to choose? How to choose?

How to choose?  How to choose?

How to choose?  How to choose?

“Okay, so I finally decided…” is something I hear from time to time from customers who place custom orders.  Sometimes they tell me it took a few weeks -- or even months – to decide on exactly what they want.  One thing I love about being able to make beautiful Boy-O-Boy items is the sheer variety – not only of the gorgeous shades and types of ribbons available, but of the weave patterns, leather and hardware as well. But I’ll be honest: if I didn’t make my own Boy-O-Boy belts, collars and browbands, I’d have a hard time picking a single item or color combination.  
Having trouble narrowing it down yourself?  Here are a few tips to help you choose.  

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel 

A lot of customers get inspiration from the @boyoboybridleworks Instagram and use it as a sort of catalog of possibilities.  About 70% of the items I make are custom, and I post almost all of them.  You’ll also be able to see all the stock colorways I’ve made since I started Boy-O-Boy way back in 2014.  

If you fall in love with something, you can order one just like it – or you can tweak it a little, say, with a different leather or hardware color.  That Stirrup Buckle Belt you’re obsessed with can also be done as a browband or dog collar.  Love that weave pattern?  Yes, you can absolutely change out the aqua for red.  

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom, embroidered satin and grosgrain Double Square Loop belt.
If you see a color combination you love on one of our Double Square Loop Belts you can order it on almost any other item we make.
Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom grosgrain and satin Double Square Loop and Stirrup Buckle Belts.
You can even change the leather or hardware colors or swap one or more of the ribbon shades for others.

Established color combos make great examples

Barn colors account for a sizeable chunk of my custom orders – especially around the holidays (psst, they make great presents!). They can be uniform for everyone in the barn or you can have your colors made up in different patterns so that everyone gets a coordinated but unique look.
Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom Stirrup Buckle Belts.
Show your barn colors!
 Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom grosgrain and satin Polo Finish browbands.
A little variation for every pony in the barn.

Flags are inspirational for a lot of reasons, not least because their color combinations are on point and instantly recognizable.

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom grosgrain Double Square Loop belts with logo patch embroidery.

The distinctive colors of the Maryland flag are the perfect choice for MD Horse & Pony Show prize belts.

Stars and stripes.


 Holiday colors make beautiful custom items.

 Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom satin Double Square Loop Belt.
Satiny Easter shades are perfect for spring horse shows.


 Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks shearling-lined satin candy cane browbands.

Shearling-lined candy cane Polo Finish browbands fit for Dasher and his stablemates Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.


School spirit and team colors

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom, embroidered satin and grosgrain Double Square Loop belts.
School colors


Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks' official USHJA Zone 3 Showjumping Team belt for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championship.

The official USHJA Zone 3 Showjumping Team belt for the North American Junior and Young Rider Championship.

Company or horse show colors make for beautiful custom items, especially with logo embroidery.

 Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom satin and grosgrain Stirrup Buckle belts with logo embroidery.

Subtle branded belts for the whole staff.

 Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks satin "Devon" Double Square Loop belts.

The historic pale blue stadium that surrounds Devon Horse Show's legendary Dixon Oval outside of Philadelphia is the inspiration for our Devon prize and souvenir items.

Search out color palettes you love on line 

Taylor Bodson of the wildly popular East Coast Equestrian blog leaves nothing to chance when she orders her custom Boy-O-Boy items.  For her, Pintrest is a great source of inspiration in coming up with the super-polished mood boards she uses to give me a sense of what she has in mind.
Color palette for custom Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks orders.
The wintry grey-blue color palette that Taylor sent me turned into an elegant matching set of custom items for her and her grey gelding Donovan.

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom, embroidered Stirrup Buckle belt, Polo Finish browband, key fob and bracelet set.

One customer sent me a Lily Pulitzer swatch as inspiration.  

Lilly Pulitzer-inspired grosgrain Double Square Loop belt by Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks.

Another customer can't get enough of camo shades.

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom grosgrain Stirrup Buckle belts and matching Polo Finish browbands in camo shades.

Is there one particular color you love?  Consider using different types of ribbons – like satin and grosgrain -- in similar shades to create a subtle tone-on-tone look.

 Finally, don’t suffer in silence!  If you’re having a hard time deciding, please get in touch.  I’m always happy to help with suggestions about colors, materials, fit – or whatever else you might have questions about.  

And, of course, if you really can't choose between items and color combinations I'd be delighted to make you as many as you like!

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