SPECIAL EDITION USHJA Zone 3 Jumper Team Show Lead

$ 120.00

About this product

Headed for the United States Hunter Jumper Association Zone 3 and 4 Jumper Team Championships in Tryon this July or to the US Equestrian Pony Jumper Finals in August?  Show your team spirit and coordinate your look in the jog with a Zone 3 show lead!


Like all of our other items, Boy-O-Boy lead ropes are handmade of the finest materials -- English bridle leather and high-tensile poly webbing (that won't stretch, stain or mildew) wrapped in our signature colorful, grippy, contrasting grosgrain ribbon.  Complete your team look with a matching Zone 3 browband, belt, and keychain!



* 1” wide; 10’-long, end to end

* Made with legendary J. & E. Sedgwick & Co. English bridle leather

* Hand woven heavy, durable poly satin ribbon in Zone 3’s beautiful blue, red, and grey colors and embroidered with a distinctive “3”

* Colorfast and pretreated for stains

* 30" stainless/zinc chain allows you to clip your Zone 3 lead rope directly to your horse's bit -- or run it along the noseband of his halter for a little more control. 

* The tail end is finished with a stallion puck for extra security and grip.



Wipe with a clean, damp sponge periodically to keep Boy-O-Boy show leads looking their best.

If your show lead gets wet, allow it to dry thoroughly—preferably in sunlight—before gently brushing off any mud spatter. Leather sections (only) can be cleaned and conditioned with saddle soap and harness oil. To avoid permanent damage to your Boy-O-Boy items, DO NOT use leather cleaners, conditioners or oil on the ribbon sections.