READY TO SHIP Ribbon Browbands

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About this product

Give the judge something (else) to smile about. Your horse is spectacular, but if you’re looking for another way to separate yourself from the crowd, Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks browbands let you show your true colors.  Our Traditional Finish browbands are ribbon lined with a classic ribbon tassel by each loop. Boy-O-Boy Polo Finish browbands are leather-lined and have no tassels for a sleeker look. 

Details & Sizing

·       Made with legendary J. & E. Sedgwick & Co. English bridle leather   

·       Hand-woven heavy, durable poly satin and/or grosgrain ribbonwork

·       Colorfast and pretreated for stains

Traditional Finish Browbands:

           * 3/4” wide

           * ribbon-lined,

           * with ribbon tassels by the loops

 Polo Finish Browbands:

            * 7/8” wide

            * leather-lined

            * no ribbon tassels by the loops

*SIZING: Measured loop-to-loop, our standard sizes for both Traditional and Polo Finish browbands are:

Small Pony (13"), Pony (14"), Cob (15"), Full (16"), Oversize (17”). 

* LOOP SIZE: The loops on our ready-to-ship browbands are made to fit English bridles with traditional 1" wide crown pieces.  Can you special order a Boy-O-Boy browband to fit your existing bridle if it has a monocrown or a padded or  contour crown piece? Absolutely, but as a special-order item.  Please measure straight across  your bridle's crown piece at the point where the browband will sit, and let us know the measurement (typically 1.25" or 1.5").  Remember, special order items can't be returned, exchanged, or resized later so please measure carefully!

To measure correctly for a perfect fit, check out the Boy-O-Boy Sizing & Measuring Guide

 Ready-to-ship color combinations

Our ready-to-ship Traditional Finish browbands are available in the following grosgrain and/or satin color combinations:
*ENRIQUE GREEN: tan and green grosgrain.
*CELINE: blue and dark brown grosgrain.
*WARRENTON GREY: French blue satin and grosgrain.

Our ready-to-ship Polo Finish browbands are available in the following satin, grosgrain and/or velvet color combinations:
*WARRENTON BLUE: navy satin and grosgrain
*WENDY: blue and red grosgrain
*MANASSAS BLUE: grey satin with navy grosgrain
*WARRENTON GREY: French blue satin and velvet
*MANASSASAS BURGUNDY: grey satin with burgundy velvet accents
*BLACK & GREY: grey satin and black velvet


Wipe with a clean, damp sponge periodically to keep Boy-O-Boy browbands looking their best. For velvet browbands, a periodic once-over with your barn's grooming vacuum helps remove dirt or dander without crushing the nap. 

If your browband gets wet, allow it to dry thoroughly—preferably in sunlight—before gently brushing off any mud spatter. Leather sections (only) can be cleaned and conditioned with saddle soap and harness oil. To avoid permanent damage to your Boy-O-Boy items, DO NOT use leather cleaners, conditioners or oil on the ribbon sections.

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